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Coming Soon

Easy spontaneous games that don’t require setup, can be done anywhere for maximum enjoyment and learning. Funtasia brings today socio-emotional question cards creating the opportunity for memorable family moments of connection, conversations and reflections. 

Ignite your self-awareness and your imagination with your loved ones.  

Too many issues we face in our everyday life are due to a lack of life skills and lack of values. Team work, giving and receiving constructive feedback, deep listening, conflict management are only a few of the skills that you will be confronted with just today during your normal interactions. 

In our conversations with parents the one common denominator of challenge is engaging with children and young people in a meaningful and mindful way, especially when we are tired, drained from our daily life. Another big topic is how to keep young people engaged without an adult's active support or attention, for little fragments of time during the day, without resolving to the tablet or devices as babysitters. 

We want to feel like we are really connecting with our kids and putting to good use the time we have available. We want to go to bed knowing we are not being superficial in our education and also that we've enjoyed the time with our family to the maximum. Leaving it to improvised playing, to the classic games available wasn’t enough for us anymore, this is why we created this APP for families.

It’s easy and ready to use. All you need to do is open the APP. These card games are designed to be played in company, from 2 people upwards. Yes, they work well also with really big groups and classrooms, as well as to break the ice with your child’s friend who came over and is feeling a little shy. There aren’t any wrong or right answers, this is the place for your authentic unique opinion to sparkle.  Educational entertainment for families’ precious connection time, made simple and accessible anywhere. Even in the doctor’s waiting room or on that long car, train ride – and yes, this will also a great support for mindful teachers!

How It Works

The cards work like questions, as conversations prompt for everyone in your group. 

You will notice how step by step the group will lighten up and increasingly start sharing. 

The initial 7 sets of cards available now, which represent more than 60 questions and hours of entertainment take us from discovery of self, the increase of self awareness all the way to strengthening linguistic intelligence and unleashing our imagination.

The subscription provides a new product every month, such as games, activities and supporting educational stories, Funtasia live workshop series for parents, talking about boundaries for example, and much more. We are very excited about our upcoming new card sets releases, particularly the one around cultural bias and the one for neuroscience applied to interaction.

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