Funtasia Digital Live Classes for Youth

$ 40.00 USD

Live Online Programs for groups of young people aged 2 to 18 years old. Weekend creative workshop sessions, accessible from anywhere in the world, connecting young people between as many as 15 countries at one time. Some of our programs are designed to be enjoyed also with parents and caregivers. Or some would even dare to call it “Guilt free childcare”. Limited availability. 

  • Engaging games and activities developing soft skills through visual arts, music, dance, theater, writing, poetry, coding, gardening, nature and environment, neuroscience applied to linguistic and intrapersonal intelligence. 
  • Hands-on learning programs connecting young people from different socio-cultural-economic backgrounds, giving opportunity for experiential cross-cultural learning and new global friendships.   
  • Curriculum focused on building a supportive connection with the external world which often triggers stress, feelings of alienation, frustration, anxiety or powerlessness.
  • Provides an answer to the primary human need of relation, socialization and interaction.


  • Create an inclusive and safe place to practice and learn positive and effective forms of digital communication
  • Explore and practice emotional wellness and body awareness. What it means to be well, to take care of my whole self
  • Strengthen connections and empathy with family, friends and community
  • Foster and Empower essential life skills to strengthen empathy, mindfulness, gratitude, resilience, agency, with focus on confidence building

Cohort capacity: 

To guarantee maximum quality our cohorts can accommodate a maximum of 15 young people at a time. Each group is engaged by 2 Senior Funtasia Facilitators. 

To ensure inclusive and diversity in each cohort, 3 children of the total 15 are sponsored by our CSR program.

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