Funtasia Digital Adults Training for Educators and Teacher

$ 125.00 USD
A world-tested 20 hours training offering teachers, educators, facilitators and anyone who wishes to become one (yes, you can start it with 0 experience in education) with a comprehensive toolbox of crucial experiential and socio-emotional learning and teaching techniques.

Access to an extensive library of games and activities that can be used at any moment to create connection between a group and more measurable results. Flexible, engaging and innovative tools to develop, support the growth of crucial life skills. To conduct more effective, engaging online and in-person sessions that will maintain groups’ focus throughout. For adults to walk into the classroom with more confidence and emotional management skills.

Structured on 4 levels:‍

Level 1

6 hours online interactive sessions exploring the power of experiential and socio-emotional learning. Experiencing firsthand the direct effect of activities offers adults a different perspective, a sense of depth and breadth around the transformative process ignited in young people using these tools.

Level 2

4 hours webinar diving into Funtasia's Educational Approach’s Pedagogy. Learning how to build a safe learning environment, how to conduct targeted debriefings, provide constructive feedback and how to stimulate the development of specific interpersonal, transversal skills while working on targeted curriculum.

Level 3

4 hours online to practice leading, facilitating each and every step of the Funtasia learning arch. Everyone gets to conduct games and activities for the group, as well as extensive practice of debriefs and feedback techniques. Peer to peer learning with the guidance of an experienced Funtasia trainer.

Level 4

6 hours interactive online sessions for the ultimate level, granting access to the proprietary deliberately sequenced Funtasia learning arch. A step-by-step guide to design a custom activity, workshop, course. Using the Funtasia Educational Approach with any subject, adults will reach their goals whilst developing crucial life skills at the same time.

Total Hours of Learning: 20+ hrs

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