Funtasia Enterprise is releasing the first product of its kind for parents and children: new support for at-home (and everywhere) games and activities, that help us connect more with young people, regardless of our energy levels.

We’ve all had so much fun playing charades and other games. It seems however that what’s available is mostly turned to adults. Search online for children's “trivia” and there are some famous classics, a lot of things around facts or academics, but not much else that is really enticing. We can’t find anything that tackles socio-emotional skills whilst keeping things fun and engaging.  


As parents, we spend our lives organizing our children and trying to give them the best opportunities. 

We do it through education. If we are lucky enough we have the possibility to pay for good extracurricular activities and support.

We do our best to also play with them. But too often we are tired and drained by this demanding life. 


Some of us have forgotten how to sit down and just put everything aside and play. A lot of the time the children who finally have our attention dictate the rules of an ununderstandable game. Most importantly we haven't been able to systematize activities and games.  We play what we know, what we heard, and what we saw, without any particular order. We look with admiration at the mothers who always have an activity ready. 


As CASEL (the international leading institution, “Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning”) states, Social and emotional skills are quickly taking center stage, alongside the 3 aspects that have determined education so far in both the classroom and the workforce: cognitive skills, technical skills, and content knowledge. 


Let’s talk about how this applies to our role as modern parents. On one side, what do we do, what can we do as parents to ensure our children are instilling the human, socio-emotional, and linguistic skills needed for their realization in conscious adults? Also, what about the intentional time we dedicate at the end of the day to our children often comes at the end of a working day? If we are too tired, it’s hard to think of what to play. The intention to connect, be in the present, and enjoy the connection is there. Maybe you ask your children how school was and all they answer is “good”. Then you learn to ask what were the 3 best things in their day, and it still kind of stays there. What about going further? What about taking advantage of this time together to savor it, and have fun, whilst actually getting to know ourselves and our loved ones, without necessarily arguing about the rules of a board game, or getting too competitive? A space to reflect and grow together. Parents-children connection time, made fun and educational. 


Preview the App for free. A few cards will be available for you to peek into Funtasia’s world.

The yearly subscription model is the best value to access all the released card games at any time. 

If you fall in love with one of the games you will be able to purchase it and own it forever. Find more information here (hyperlink).

You will know what is the best solution for you. 


You don’t want to miss this chance for evolved socio-emotional interaction! 

Get it now on Google or Android.