The workshop "Intelligencia Emocional y Mentalidad para Fuerzas del Orden" focused on Emotional Intelligence and Mindset training for Law Enforcement, the first of its kind for the force.

Conducted in collaboration with the Emiliano Zapata Police Group, the workshop aimed to enhance self-awareness and emotional management among law enforcement leaders.

Held for 20 police officers from the Municipality of Emiliano Zapata, Mexico, marking a crucial step towards promoting emotional well-being.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) emerged as a crucial tool in law enforcement, emphasizing its role in strengthening both intra and interpersonal relationships.

By developing basic skills to foster a strong self-relationship, police officers can cultivate greater self-awareness and self-control, essential for making effective decisions under pressure.

Social awareness was fostered through empathetic and effective communication with others, promoting a collaborative environment and mutual understanding, crucial for building safer communities.

These socioemotional tools and activities aim not only to humanize the police profile but also to enhance public perception and trust in law enforcement.

Funtasia aims to reinforce the importance of vulnerability and stepping out of the comfort zone as key components of experiential learning.

This approach enables officers to effectively adapt to changing and challenging situations, fostering an environment of continuous personal and professional growth.