Funtasia was commissioned by the very first Contemporary Art Bienniale taking place in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia to develop 3 ad-hoc Educational Kits for families, guides, and school teachers. 

The Bienniale’s exhibit was curated by Philip Tinari and Funtasia devised prompts and socio-emotional educational games to help viewers connect to each artwork using their senses, feelings, and emotions. This helped further layer the experience of visiting this historical event. 

The outcome is a Family and Kids Kit, as a Feelings and Thoughts Journey with special stops around the exhibition. 14 stops and 14 fun activities helped visitors experience the gallery at a deeper, socio-emotional level and learn about common values and key concepts expressed by the artists through their works.

We also worked on a kit specifically tailored to deepen the preparation and engagement provided by the Biennale’s Guides, and the third version for school teachers, to extend the knowledge around the exhibition to schools around the country.

  • The socio-emotional approach applied to a Contemporary Art Exhibition 
  • Revisited Treasure Hunt incorporating reflections, feelings, and thoughts during the visit
  • Bilingual Arabic-English