Funtasia ran for Los Angeles’ Larchmont Charter School in May 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a cross-cultural program connecting the students with fellow students attending the Escuela Primaria México in Xalapa, Mexico. The program was part of the school’s Spanish offering and initiated intercontinental relationships and communication during a time when schools and borders were closed.

One of our participants from Los Angeles shared, “I moved to this school at the beginning of this academic year, which due to the Pandemic, we have spent at home. During this session today with Funtasia, I have learned more about my classmates than I have in the whole year connecting from home."

We focused on 

  • Exploring our inner selves 
  • Recognizing our own feelings and dealing with them in healthy and effective ways
  • Practicing mental self- and other-care 
  • Overall wellness  
  • Effective communication
  • Bilingual: English-Spanish 

By exploring the worlds within us, we encouraged

  • Expressing emotions in unique and creative ways, such as fun and meaningful activities like theater, visual arts, creative writing, and body movement 
  • development and strengthening crucial life skills such as self-awareness, authentic self-expression, empathy, creativity, and connection through diversity.

The interactive meetings were conducted by two Funtasia facilitators, Maia and Cecilia, who work on group dynamics and pay great attention to the group’s needs.